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SQL Mirroring. Media Quality Alerts Database queries that look at Quality of Experience (QoE) reports published by clients at the end of each call. Comprises four separate server roles o Access Edge Acts as a secure proxy for all remote Lync signaling traffic. Optional Witness to enable automatic failover for. Web conferencing, pstn Dial-in conferencing and A/V conferencing (if deployed). Web Conferencing Content Users download meeting content (PowerPoint, Whiteboard, and Poll data) via Lync Web Services when in meeting. Acts as backup store for the pools user and conference data. This information provides metrics about the quality of the media (audio and video) traversing your network for both Enterprise Voice calls and A/V conferences. Can be co-located on Front End or separated as stand-alone Server dependent on call volume. Back End, database server running Microsoft SQL Server. Application hosting, for both applications included with Lync Server (for example, Conferencing Attendant and Response Group application and third-party applications.

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User Certificates Provides client certificate authentication via Lync Web Services. The data is built upon key metrics such as packet latency and loss, metrics that are known to directly contribute to call quality. These queries result in alerts that pinpoint scenarios where users are likely to be experiencing poor media quality during calls and conferences. Information about each user is replicated among Front End Servers in the pool. These queries result in alerts that indicate when a wide range of end users are experiencing connectivity issues for makeup artist network coupon peer-to-peer calls or basic conferencing functionality. These alerts indicate failure conditions that can severely impact one or more end user scenarios. Front End, user authentication and registration, presence information and contact card exchange. Optionally, Monitoring, to collect usage information in the form of call detail records (CDRs) and call error records (CERs). Provide the DB services for the Front End pool.