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guys can grow to take over the market!" "Quality of the ingredients is superb! Today, roughly 70 of their land is devoted to the tall, gorgeous stalks. As a member of the Cornell Committee, John also keeps up with the latest developments in best-practice agriculture, always keen to maintain the quality of his land and improve the quality of his products. There are more than two hundred varieties of corn. Intimate date night to grand dinner party. Customize Your Menu, customize Your Menu, for Every Diet. No hidden or artifical ingredients, for Every Cook For every home cook, new to advanced Discover new techniques Quick Fix menus to suit your busy day Diverse Recipes Fresh, fun recipes Highlighting food's global influence Unique and nutritious ingredients Wide Offerings Rotating weekly menus Ribbon.

Because of its high protein and carbohydrate content, corn has been an important nutritional resource for thousands of years. When we asked John what the best thing about being a farmer is, he replied, "The enjoyment of growing something from a seed and providing food for people." 5 Corny Tips and Fun Facts. Upto 20 Off -Deal Of The Day. And growing even more corn. So it's picked, packed, and at your door within 24 hours. Oh, and John delivers it to us himself! John joined the family business in the 1980s after relocating from the city. If the classic combo of salt and butter doesn't float your boat, try corn with mayonnaise, hot sauce and finely grated Parmesan cheese or a lime zest-garlic compound butter.

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