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This Again : Ratso when he has to remove an Oni Mask from Finn's rear. Brick Joke : In the monkey talisman episode, Jade yells (in monkey) for help. Jackie: " Bad day! It's sort of ok for Jackie, but Tohru is much, much bigger than the other ninjas. Brought Down to Badass : In the fourth season finale, Uncle uses a spell to revert Tarakudo back to his original form, which removes all his powers and has to rely solely on martial arts. Foil : Hak Foo to Tohru. Or I shall feast upon your brains! Realistic guns are often seen, but almost never fired. Never My Fault : Tohru's mother blamed Uncle when she turned invisible even though she walked into his hotel room, went through his bag, removed the noble snake's egg, dipped it into her teapot (which caused the invisibility) out of her own free will. Said sumo later on walks up to Tohru while angrily declaring he had never lost a match before until he met Tohru, where he then humbly bows before Tohru and switches sides to even up the odds Demonic Possession : In one Season 1 episode.

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Sins of Our Fathers : What motivates Shendu in the Season 1 finale. He calls most of his attacks, but sometimes he just describes things he's doing. Living Forever Is Awesome : Uncle reads from a scroll explaining why the Immortality Talisman is the Dog Talisman; dogs are man's best friend. In the premiere of the third season, Valmont meets with them to convince them to help steal the talismans, with Finn reminding him that they're "freelancers now." The show's really good with continuity. More often, it is used in a fight either accidentally, or by someone forgetting what its power is, which leads to their physical body being vulnerable. This is Justified Trope : Ginger ale in the 19th Century wasn't the light and sparkly drink we know today. Also, Tohru falling down stairs / rolling down a hill. But of course, it turns out that the mansion she's visiting is in fact haunted by angry ghosts. He's a villainous version. This is reversed when present Jade brings present Jimmy to the future - when he sees his future self he promises never to become that and helps stop him. Then again, the viewers already knew of Shendu and it was just so the heroes wouldn't know his name before Tohru told them.